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Javascript libraries

May 6, 2011 at 9:09 AM

The framework should not reinvents the wheel and use as much as possible available existing technics and libraries.

Looking for some useful libraries to use I've found the framework Narwhaljs which include a lot of interest modules and packages.

In particular three packages I guess could be useful in other framework, at least to take from them some ideas...:

  • activejs, The Cross Platform JavaScript MVC
  • sizzle, A pure-JavaScript CSS selector engine (with CSS 3 Selector support)
  • observable, a JavaScript implementation of the observer pattern (also known as ‘publish/subscribe’). Doesn't it remember nothing to you? :-)
May 9, 2011 at 7:08 PM

I looked for technologies and I discovered that the actual standard for DOM includes "mutation events" and "xpath evaluation".

Mutation Events is in DOM Level 2 standard, DOMNodeInserted and DOMNodeRemoved are implemented by all browsers (starting version 9 for IE), DOMAttrModified is implemented unfortunately by IE9, Firefox and Opera only. A reference link for events is (at section Additional events) and reference links for listener binding method are

Xpath Evaluation is in DOM Level 3 standard, the method "evaluate" is implemented by all browser except IE. A reference link is

Making the intersection of browser that implements this features the result is {Firefox, Opera}. I suggest to use them initially and plug an external implementation later (using third part libraries or writing code directly). In this way we can focus on our parser and on implementation of shared memory for, generally, DOM parts referenced by one or more application instances (clients and servers). I have just in mind how it should works and what we have to implement. I start to work on this and at the next meeting I will explain you how to go on.